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What is the difference between the Qun Kwa and Qi Pao?

The Qun Kwa is a traditional two piece dress usually comprised of an outer jacket and long skirt. This type of dress is most commonly worn in the Southern or Canton regions of China including Guang Dong and Hong Kong. The Qun Kwa is also popular in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. The jacket is normally 3/4 in length in order to show off the gold bangles and jewellery usually gifted to the bride on her wedding day.

The Qipao / Cheongsam is a one piece dress worn in the more northern regions of China. Both the Qun Kwa and Qipao are usually red in colour and adorned with gold and silver embellishments, delicate embroidery or intricate beading. Many of the dresses exhibit patterns of the phoenix, dragon, lotus, peonies, birds, fishes etc which are all symbols of good pairing, fortune, fertility and prosperity.

Chinese Tea Ceremonies has a variety of Qipaos, Cheongsams and Qun Kwas available for hire or purchase in Melbourne, Australia.

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